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Proton therapy kills cancer without harming liver

Patients with liver cancer in Taiwan often face the treatment bottleneck of “small liver, big tumor”, and can only rely on proton therapy to save lives. How to kill cancer without harming the liver becomes a treatment bottleneck. Chang Gung Hospital worked with the United States to find a way to find out the common standards for patients in the East and the West.

Chang Gung Hospital released a press release today to announce the results of this research. Hong Zhihong, head of proton therapy at Chang Gung Hospital, said that in the past, liver cancer patients often used liver cirrhosis or surgery and treatment to reduce the size of the liver. On average, only 85% of normal people Can only rely on proton therapy, but how to treat tumors safely without harming the liver has become a major problem in treatment.

In recent years, Chang Gung Hospital conducted a study on 102 liver cancer patients who received proton therapy in Chang Geng. Among them, 90 had normal liver cirrhosis index and 12 had impaired liver function. It was found that liver cancer patients with normal liver cirrhosis index had normal liver function without damage At the time, as long as 30% of the normal liver volume is not exposed to protons, very high dose ablation proton irradiation treatment can be safely given with minimal risk of radiation-induced liver injury; as for liver cancer patients with impaired liver function 40% normal liver volume is required.