Profile of the company

Forall Biotech Co. Ltd., focuses on the research of cancer and telomere structure .
Introducing patented blood tests for the evaluation and monitoring of multimolecular protein therapies ,
This test detects oncoproteins expressed on tumor cells.
Detection of telomeres in the main structures of human cell division.
High sensitivity and affordable price allow physicians and patients to monitor patients’ response to multi-molecular protein therapy through multiple tests.
Through telomere detection to understand the actual physiological age, and telomere and normal telomere indicators of cancer cells.
Examine correctly to cope with physical conditions. The test develops the corresponding and correct medicine and suitable health care or food .


Our mission is to help people do more, feel more comfortable, and live longer.
Our medicines, foods and consumer health products are vital to the lives of tens of millions of people.
People are the core of all our production and operation activities. We want to help them do more, feel more comfortable, and live longer, because only when people are healthy can communities be healthy, and with healthy communities, society can be strong.
However, in today’s society, many people still do not have basic medical care, many patients are still suffering from common diseases, and thousands of diseases lack effective treatment methods.
We hope to change this situation. We are not only committed to the development of future drugs, but also constantly looking for new ways and methods to make our products available to those in need.

Our corporate culture and values

Our core values ​​are patient-centered, decent, honest, respectful and open. We expect our employees to share the same values ​​and always act transparently and honestly.
We encourage employees to value their values, demonstrate leadership, provide opportunities for personal development, and reward employees for the way they work and the results they make when making any decision. We hope that every member of Fortune Biomedicine is proud of what they have done, the company they have worked hard for, and the change they have brought.


Forall Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. cooperates with the most powerful medical insitutions in the world.
Our team develops molecular medicine and gene core protein therapy together.
Big data and technical support from a 40-year-old laboratory in Germany.
1. Development of genetic protein testing
2. Medicine and supplementary health food consumption recommendations and follow-up testing
3. Telomere detection in anti-aging project
Through the precise core molecular path detection and medical care to provide a set of implemented precision medicine,
Really grasp the key of youth and anti-aging and start the process of natural regeneration.
Have accurate detection as the basis for research and development of plant molecular medicine and related foods. Taiwan Institute of Industry and Technology has sequenced the millennium ancient ramie, also known as boehmeria nivea, in China 28 years ago to understand the characteristics of ramie plants. Medical students and laboratories jointly develop molecular medicaments , molecular anti-aging aids, and human cell division to control youth and anti-aging telomere structure research , development of health food and business model operation.
Forall Biomedical is a modern private enterprise integrating scientific research, production and marketing. For the past 25 years, Forall Biomedical has been committed to helping change the people’s health, destiny and future, and has practiced “growth in revision, revision in growth”, which has greatly enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, and enhanced the sense of historical mission and Social responsibility and overall improvement of staff quality
Our global business covers 5 cities; 2 production bases are located in Taiwan; 2 global R&D centers are located in Germany and Taiwan.
Forall Biomedical always adheres to the concept of “Caring for Life and Caring for Health”, actively fulfills corporate political responsibility, social responsibility and economic responsibility, and plays an important role in protecting people’s health and social stability. The production organization representing the company was one of the countries that passed GMP certification, and subsequently passed GSP certification.


Forall Biotech Co. Ltd., is an elite team composed of a group of biomolecular experts
Professional medical doctor , professional pharmacy doctor of medical laboratory cooperation at home and abroad

Ya-Mei Amy Kuao

Continuous entrepreneurs across industries
National Jinan International University-Master of Management in Emerging Industries
World water-based fire fighting medicament-obtained the highest standard Last Fire certification and US UL certification
Entered the molecular pharmaceutical industry in 2016, with plant medicine as the research and development theme
1. Multi-targeted protein molecular drug development
2. Development of anti-telomerase enzymes
3. Alzheimer’s drug development
4. Drug development for Perkins
5. Research and development of cancer fatigue care products

Da-Yong Lin

Graduated from Department of Chinese and Western Medicine, China Medical College
Chief Medical Consultant of Zhongsheng Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Twenty years of pediatric clinical experience
Ten years experience in adjuvant cancer treatment
Oncoprotein analysis expert, ramie root series drug application research
More than ten years of experience in co-treatment of traditional Chinese and western medicine
Five traditional techniques of Kunshan University

Zhi-Ren Hou

More than 40 years of experience
Chief Financial Officer
Acted as a company consultant and assisted the company to enter the capital market to raise funds, with more than 200 successful cases
Acting as an auditor of an internationally renowned accounting firm
Graduated from Soochow University

You-Qi Zhou

National Qinyi University of Science and Technology
Royal University of Canada EMBA
Established Yiyi Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2003, mainly engaged in chemical and paper trade
Since 2013, we have been focusing on the promotion of environmental protection and energy saving related products.


Since its establishment, Forall Biomedical has practiced my gratitude to all sectors of society for their strong support and selfless care for Chengda Pharmaceuticals, and for the hardworking Chengda people.
Sincerely treat the world with respect, Da Ze can help the world. Creating a hundred years of Forall, realizing the value of people’s life, and returning the society with the success of the enterprise, is the original intention of creating Forall, and it is also the ambitious ideal that Forall people are tirelessly pursuing.
The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the sincerity of heart and hard work, and the concerted and enterprising team. And “integrity, diligence, unity, and progress” is the spirit that Forall has always advocated. I firmly believe that as long as the spirit of sincerity is always upheld, our goals will be able to be achieved. Forall will eventually become a first-class pharmaceutical company and deeply integrate into the international high-end market.
Follow Forall and walk into Forall. We sincerely welcome guests and friends from all walks of life to develop and prosper together.
Forall Biomedicine’s mission is to continue life to create a healthy body with dignity.
We recruit first-class talents and technologies, devote ourselves to research and development of anti-cancer and anti-aging medicine, and create a beautiful life research and development of molecular medicine.
Modern people talk about cancer discoloration, and cancer is the culprit of aging. We provide accurate detection and molecular plant medicine for the initial control and terminal treatment of cancer, which can help reduce the pain of cancer due to chemotherapy, surgery, and other treatments. Patients have dignity, hope, reduced harm, and reduced fear in the treatment of cancer.
Assist the growth of telomere structure in the core cells of youth, so that love for youth, beauty, anti-aging, and longevity is not a dream.
Medicine is changing with each passing day. Medicine and anti-aging are no longer the repair and medical treatment of cells. Forall Biomedicine must enter the cells to find the molecular structure that causes disease, solve the problem of disease and anti-aging from the core of the molecule, and create the first year of medical molecules.
Ya-Mei Amy Gao



Jaw-Ji Yang
Chief Medical Advisor

Professor of Institute of Dental Science, School of Stomatology, Zhongshan Medical University
Professor and Director, Institute of Stomatology, School of Stomatology, Zhongshan Medical University
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Biomedical Science, Ph.D.
University of Alabama at Birmingham, Biology, Ph.D. program
Assistant Professor, Institute of Molecular Biology, National Chung Cheng University
National Yang-Ming University, Genetics, MS
Tunghai University, Biology, BS

Kenneth Kwok
Global Advisor

United Nations Ambassador for Sustainable Development
Founder of UN Compact
President of Global Citizen Capital
Vice Chairman of Asia International Anti-Aging and Health Association
Former UBS, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Investment Bank executives
Graduated from Columbia University and Walton Business School

Meng-Song Zheng
Entrepreneur and Inventor

30 years of executive experience
Director of Formosa Plastics Corporation Taihua Company
Founder and Chairman of Julong Fibers
Founder CEO of Heping Technology Co., Ltd. in 2000.
A number of international scientific and technological inventions have obtained invention patents in China, the Republic of China and the United States.

BinVa BW Chang

PhD in Biomedical Engineering
Visiting Scholar, University of Notre Dame
Deputy CEO of Taiwan High-Tech Industry Development Foundation
Chairman of Supervisory Board of Taiwan Yushan Medical and Health Management Society
Hospital health care quality and patient safety consultants
More than 25 years of research in biomedical sciences
Senior Health Promotion and Management Specialist
Specialist in tumor fast-screen wafer design
Published more than 35 academic journal articles
Published more than 110 symposium papers

Yi-Jun Cai

Taipei City University of Education-Master of Child Development Education
Parent-child relationship and child development counselling
Children’s social and emotional education
An Analysis of Child Psychology and Early Childhood Weather Quality