Cooperative chances

Strategic partners refer to the ability to bring capital, advanced technology, and management experience to enterprises through joint ventures or other means, enhance the core competitiveness of technological progress and the ability to expand domestic and foreign markets, and promote technological progress and industrial upgrading of enterprises. Advanced enterprises at home and abroad.
Fuzhongshengyi will divide according to the connotation of cooperation.
(1) Strategic cooperative partnership with political connotation. This is mainly based on the cooperation of political relations, which is generally a strategic cooperative relationship between political bodies. For example, the “constructive strategic partnership” between China and the United States explicitly proposed to get rid of the Cold War mentality, and insisted on examining and handling the affairs of the two countries with a strategic and long-term perspective.
(2) Strategic cooperative partnership with economic connotation. This is based on cooperation in economic relations. It is usually the strategic cooperative relationship between economies. Such as Suning Appliance and Motorola to establish a strategic partnership, the goal is to jointly provide consumers with a retail experience and obtain the greatest economic value.
(3) Strategic cooperative partnership with comprehensive connotation. This is a strategic cooperation that has both political and economic relations, such as the establishment of a strategic partnership between China and India, in addition to further deepening the friendly relationship politically. In addition to coping with the increasingly complicated international situation, we have also strengthened cooperation in economic and trade fields and sought mutual benefits and win-win results.

Job opportunity

Our innovative medicines, foods and consumer health products help people:
Do more, feel more comfortable and live longer
We develop, produce and deliver these products that save lives and improve quality of life. Welcome to understand how we develop, produce and provide these products to the market, and understand the employment opportunities in related sectors, from the research and development field to ensuring that our products are delivered to patients in need.

Research and development
We are committed to researching new medicines, vaccines and consumer health products to improve people’s health. It is rare to find a new medicine, vaccine or consumer health product through daily work to improve the lives of others. In other words, engaging in research and development has a clear sense of mission.
Sales and marketing
Sales and marketing help drive business improvement, bring our products to patients and consumers, and accelerate our business growth. Sales and marketing (commerce) are an important part of our food, prescription and consumer health products businesses. The essence of its work is the commercialization of products. Specifically, it can include introducing vaccines into the domestic markets of various countries, selling drugs, and seeking new research and development opportunities, making our consumer brands the first choice for customers.
Production and Supply
Our production team ensures that our products are produced continuously and always meet the highest standards and are shipped worldwide. Our global production and supply team is responsible for the production and transportation of products, helping people do more, feel more comfortable, and live longer. With their help, hundreds of millions of boxes of consumer health products are produced worldwide each year.
Supportive functions
The company relies on IT, finance, human resources, procurement and legal personnel to support our company’s operation and maintenance. We also offer many other positions, including finance, human resources, legal, IT, procurement, communications and other core business services positions. These teams provide basic support and services to ensure that our operations around the world are efficient and effective.