Product development


Our R & D cooperation units include domestic and foreign medical centers, molecular research laboratories of Chung Shan Medical University, the Institute of Internal Medicine of ITRI, the Institute of Botany of Central Research Institute, and the German Molecular Institute. The technology is based on 40 years of medical big data provided by German laboratories and of hemp DNA sequencing provided by the Institute of Industrial Technology. It conducts molecular medical research on hemp, explains the activity, efficacy, toxicity of hemp, develops molecular protein drugs and regulates intracellular molecular proteins, and produces protein molecules that can inhibit diseases, treat or improve physical conditions.
We use the latest molecular technology to analyze the five major components of ramie: 1. Chlorogenic acid 2. Flavonoids 3. Triterpenes 4. Polyphenols 5. Ramie enzyme Based on these five ingredients, we do five categories of product development: 1. Multi-targeted protein molecular drugs 2. Research on DNA Telomere Anti-aging 3. Alzheimer’s disease 4. Parkinson’s disease 5. Cancer fatigue maintenance
A. Dr. Jaw Ji Yang studies Ramie Boehmeria Nivea (BNE) B. Internationally recognized 8 major cancer proteins: COX2 B-catenin AKT GRP78 MDR P-gp P-glycoprotein P-ghycoprotein MMP9 p38 and inhibit cancer cell growth, inflammatory response and reduce cancer cell drug resistance. Research by Dr. Jaw Ji Yang, C. The latest technology of ramie medicine will find the active and effective components in the sequencing of plant ramie DNA, and extract the extracted components by ultra-high polymer technology

Dr.Yang, Ramie Protein Molecular Drugs and Cancer Cell Research

Understanding cancer formation first, cancer cell formation must pass through growth factors (oncoprotein molecules). DNA is a human genetic gene, and RNA is a transcription factor of DNA. Cell division requires the combination of RNA and protein molecules. When RNA needs normal protein molecules during cell division, it divides normal cells, but when mutation occurs, oncoprotein molecules are produced. Oncoprotein molecules are growth factors for cancer cells.
The research and development of ramie botanical medicines are multi-target molecular protein drugs. The ramie DNA is sequenced to find out the effectiveness, toxicity and activity of this plant medicine. It can select ramie varieties with effective, active and safe, and develop the medical function of ramie. Research and development of molecular protein drugs. The laboratory of Forallbio Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. has performed experiments on the inhibition of ramie protein molecular components on cancer proteins. The ramie drug research theme discusses the verification of ramie multi-targeted protein molecular drugs. The internationally recognized eight major cancer proteins COX2, GRP78, AKT, P38, MDR , Βataenin, MMP9, and THR308 were tested for suppressing oncoproteins, confirming the function of their multi-targeted protein molecular drugs, and published international medical journals. The molecular pathway of ramie molecular drugs in the cell is analyzed in the paper, which effectively inhibits cancer proteins to remove cancer cells. Ramie molecular drugs enter the cytoplasm through the cell membrane and pass the endoplasmic reticulum to the nucleus. Because of their activity, after processing oncoproteins, they can Metabolic departure will not cause retention or cause disease or mutation, making cancer cells unable to divide and causing cancer cells to die.
2. Research on DNA telomeres anti-aging

A. Research on telomerase: Telomerase is a complete enzyme that assists telomere organization, can activate telomere tissue, make telomere grow, divide strong, excellent cells to repair DNA telomeres of normal cells, prevent aging and restore youth, and inhibit cancer cells. The production of granules improves the physical fitness of cancer patients, prevents the proliferation of cancer cells, resists cancer, and delays aging. It includes brain cells, splanchnic cells, stem cells, germ cells, lymphocytes, osteocytes, skin cells, etc. Its telomerase properties help repair telomeres at the ends of DNA, and the body divides stronger cells to achieve health care, prevent cancer, and anti-cancer functions. Rejuvenate the whole body, achieve the purpose of anti-aging, help sleep calm, improve cramps, chronic allergies, chronic stomach problems, allergic cough, degenerative muscle pain, cramps … and so on. It can cooperate with chemotherapy drugs and targeted drugs. (Telomerase enzyme supplement food has been developed)

3. Dementia

Developed from ramie enzymes to enhance cell learning and memory, remove cancer stem cells, regulate and inhibit COX2 inflammation, cancer blood vessel proliferation, brain inflammation caused by Alzheimer’s, emotional control, enhance memory and learning ability, And bone injury, joint disease, spine and other inflammation symptoms, improve metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, can be combined with chemotherapy drugs, targeted drugs.

4. Regulate sports end plate

The motor end plate is located between the nerve and the skeletal muscle and has a shaft structure. (1), secrete acetylcholine to make muscles move. Such as nerve damage. There will be inability to exert force or control of muscle movement. Causes cerebellar atrophy and symptoms such as Parkinson’s disease or muscle weakness. (2). Promote the repair of nerve myelin sheath, nerve cytoplasm and nerve nucleus, and enable the nerve to regulate autonomously. (3), to improve stroke cardiovascular medicine research projects: a.Improvement of peripheral circulation of limbs, prevention of amputation, stroke rehabilitation, enhancement of physical strength b. Improvement of renal circulatory function c. Improve mitochondrial function It can cooperate with chemotherapy drugs and targeted drugs.

5. cancer fatigue maintenance
It can control and maintain cancer stem cells in patients with cancer, cancer chemotherapy or target drug therapy, or reduce the rapid immune response to errors. It can inhibit the replication of oncoprotein DNA, tumor proliferation, and promote cell division. High-quality cells, improve the damage of cancer chemotherapy and target drugs, reduce the situation such as hair loss, anorexia, pain, weakness, ulcers, and maintenance after cancer recovery to prevent cancer recurrence. Three posts containing ramie: Inhibit oncoprotein-related reticular messages and reduce cancerous tumor growth. The latest technology finds the active and effective components in the sequencing of plant ramie DNA, and uses ultra-high polymer technology to extract the extracts containing ramie enzymes: protects the digestive system, cardiovascular system, urinary system, liver protection, lungs, and stomach , Gushen, regulating blood sugar, breaking stasis and tonifying yin, regulating the immune system. It can cooperate with chemotherapy drugs and targeted drugs.
Certified projects: 1. Register NDA with New Drug Test 2. Passed Good Clinical Practice GCP 3. New drug approved by the Health Department of the Executive Yuan 4. Approved medicines for national health insurance (self-pay medicines) 5. Passed the certification number drug certificate: “Ren Renchang” Health Department drug word No. 056333 6. Passed SGS pesticide, western medicine, heavy metal safety test 7. Shinko Products USD 1 million product liability insurance