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New weapons for the treatment of ovarian cancer

There is a new weapon in the treatment of ovarian cancer. Studies have found that PARP inhibitors used in the first-line maintenance treatment of those with BRCA gene mutations can significantly prolong the survival period without deterioration. But the doctor reminded that the patient’s heavy burden and the social risks arising from genetic screening are the current dilemma.

Singapore ’s Curie Oncology professor Chia Whay Kuang released the details of a study at a press conference in Singapore. The study found that patients with advanced ovarian cancer with a BRCA gene mutation continued to be treated with PARP inhibitors after chemotherapy, and 60% of the subjects did not have disease progression within 3 years. Compared with the placebo group, only Less than 30% of patients have not experienced disease deterioration.

Clinical research results show that using PARP inhibitors as first-line maintenance therapy after chemotherapy can reduce the risk of disease progression or death by 70% compared with placebo, and can significantly prolong the period of no progression, which is a breakthrough in the treatment of ovarian cancer.
Xie Huiguang said that the occurrence of cancer is related to genetic and environmental impacts. It is currently known that those with mutations in the BRCA gene have a higher risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer than ordinary people. Among them, ovarian cancer lacks good diagnostic tools, and although chemotherapy responds, it is easy to relapse.