United Nations Preventive Therapy Initiative

As a member of the United Nations and Founder of Sustainable Development, Fuzhong Biomedical believes that no matter where they live, all lives have the same value. Let us all understand what the United Nations is doing to advance medical progress and ensure that they can treat those suffering from disease.
 Millions of people die each year in developing countries from preventable and treatable diseases, most of them children. Poverty contributes to deteriorating health because it leaves people without decent shelter, clean water or sanitation, and harsh conditions that make people sick. Diseases transcend national borders, and health problems not only exist in developing countries, they can affect the world.
 The World Health Organization coordinates global health issues and helps countries formulate and implement health policies that prioritize the needs of local residents. This work includes global advocacy, regional initiatives and direct support to the health sector in developing countries. To prevent or treat some of the world’s most deadly diseases, such as HIV / AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis, effective and economical health programmes are needed. Finding faster and better treatments will determine the lives of millions of people.
 As the world celebrates the 10th World Malaria Day, the United Nations will hold various activities in various regional headquarters and field offices in 2019 to widely publicize the knowledge of malaria prevention and control, and mobilize the whole society to pay attention to and support the elimination of malaria. Work, and called on all parties to continue to redouble their efforts to consolidate and expand the global fight against malaria.