Recover cases on cancer

Every year, someone rewrites their life story because of cancer.
According to statistics from the International Health Agency, cancer has been ranked first among the top 10 causes of death among Chinese people for 35 consecutive years. On average, one person develops cancer every 5 minutes worldwide, and it has become a lingering nightmare for Chinese people.
Patients during cancer treatment often have side effects due to the course of treatment. At this time, they must pay attention to nutritional supplements, so that they have sufficient resistance to face the next challenges and increase the possibility of cure. However, because cancer is a disease that may recur, even after patients have gone through large and small treatments, in the course of cancer recovery, anxiety and complex moods will always be due to worrying about the possibility of cancer recurrence and future health, Lead to depression, so physical and mental care during cancer recovery is extremely important.
Patients who are recovering from cancer are no different from normal people. In this period, you need to adjust your mood, actively cooperate with the professional advice of your doctor or health care professional, make diet and exercise adjustments, and perform regular health checkups without worrying too much about cancer. The problem of recurrence, but if you really face cancer recurrence, it is recommended that you return to your normal heart and face up, face, and deal with it bravely. The encouragement of doctors and family members is also to help people who have cancer recurrence to escape from fear and welcome second degrees An important spiritual pillar of the anti-cancer challenge.